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Shane Dawson

How Much Shane Dawson Makes?

Shane Dawson Net Worth: $4 million

Shane Dawson is a very popular American musician, actor and comedian, enjoying a net worth of $4 million dollars. He was born in 1988 in Long Beach, CA and had a quite challenging childhood. He was mistreated and bullied several times at school for being a little bulky. He was also repeatedly beaten by his father who used to drink alcohol oftentimes.

Dawson started making his own videos while he was studying in high school and created his YouTube Channel, ShaneDawsonTV in 2008. He used to upload comedic, funny videos to his channel. He produced one video per week. His comedic videos garnered him a lot of attention and fame. His videos have seen 23 million views and are still growing.

Shane Dawson has worked with several YouTube personalities and was also ranked as one of the Most Famous Internet Celebrity by Forbes Mag in 2010. His popular singles include but are not limited to – superluv, i am everything, the vacation song, f**k up, it’s going down and more.

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