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How Much Jacksepticeye Makes?

Jacksepticeye Net Worth: $6 million

Jacksepticeye is a very famous Irish YouTuber, possessing a net worth of $9 million dollars. He was born in 1990 in McLoughlin. Before becoming famous on YouTube, Jacksepticeye was a part of the band ‘Raised to the Ground’.

He posts gaming videos and sometimes promotes vlogs. His YouTube channel Jacksepticeye has over 14 million followings and more than 6.6 billion views. Hailing from Athlone, Ireland, the YouTube personality joined YouTube in 2007, producing a couple of videos per day. He and Markiplier, another YouTube personality has worked together to produce something new for their fanbase.

His YouTube Channel (as of this writing) has earned over $8 million dollars, bringing him around $300 thousand dollars per month. Have something to say about Jacksepticeye? Please feel free to let us know your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. We always appreciate your feedbacks and love hearing back from.

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