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Rich Piana

How Much Rich Piana Makes?

Rich Piana Net Worth: $3.2 million

Rich Piana is a well-known bodybuilder, best known for his awesome body figure. Since there’re many ways through which a bodybuilder can earn, Piana also earns lots of money. Though his net worth is a little ambiguous, but we estimate it at around $3.2 million. Over time, he has gained a huge fame which led to more commercial ad business for him.

In terms of relationships, Piana has lots of experiences worth mentioning. He has dated Chanel Rene, a female personality known for her extremely big breasts. Later on, he started showing interesting in another beauty lady Sara Heimis. Both Piana and Sara tied the knot in 2015, giving Sara a new name Sara Piana.

There would be no use if we don’t talk about his YouTube Channel, where he posts videos for his bodybuilding lovers. He has a huge list of subscribers, which are more than 840,000. Piana makes huge money from his YouTube Channel. His most popular video is from the latest colorful wedding event. Have something to say about Piana? Please feel free to share your thoughts using the comment section given below. We always love hearing back from our visitors.

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