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How Much Markiplier Makes?

Markiplier Net Worth: $9 million

Markiplier is a very famous comedian, voice actor, YouTuber and actor, enjoying a net worth of $9 million dollars. He was born in Hawaii in 1989. He is known for his funny gameplay commentary. Most of his earning comes from his YouTube Channel, which has over 10 Million Subscribers brining him 3.3 billion views in total. His YouTube channel is ranked in YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed Channels.

His areas of expertise include gameplay video commentary commonly featuring Action and Survival Horror video game titles. In 2012, he bought a new camera to start his YouTube video commentary. He also works for LORE, YouTube channel and subsequently teamed up with Red Giant Entertainment.

He has also provided guest vocals for a very famous game, Super Smash Bros. Apart from his YouTube work, he also prefers helping others. You would be amazed to know that he has raised a huge amount of $900,000 for the needy people.  Today, he is one of the most reputed and highest earning YouTuber, earning around $5 million from his multiple social media endeavors.

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