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Jordan Maron

How Much Jordan Maron Makes?

Jordan Maron Net Worth: $6 million

Jordan Maron is a very prolific American YouTuber and game developer, possessing a net worth of $6 million dollars. He was born in 1992 in Los Angeles. He earned his most of net worth through his YouTube channel CaptainSparklez, where he uploads videos regularly. He has worked with other YouTube personalities such as Markiplier and PewDieDie.

His YouTube channel has over 9 million subscribers and was featured on a very popular magazine Forbes in 2016. He is widely recognized for his unique style and his Minecraft style video amassed over forty million views, earning him a lot of attention and fame.

Maron always used to take interest in gaming and struggled a lot to grab other’s attention. Have something to say about Jordan Maron? Please feel free to let us know your valuable thoughts in the comment section below.

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