Lilly Singh Net Worth

Lilly Singh

How Much Lilly Singh Makes?

Lilly Singh Net Worth: $9 million

Lilly Singh is a very famous Canadian Youtuber, actress, motivational speaker and comedian, having a net worth of $9 million dollars. Born in Toronto, Canada in 1988, she is widely recognized for her YouTube Channel IISuperwomanII.

In 2010, she began uploading her YouTube videos, which garnered a lot of attention and fame. Her channel has amassed over over 7000 million views, and it’s still growing. She got her graduation degree in Psychology from the York University.

In 2014, she first appeared on the big screen in Dr. Cabbie film, which earned her a lot of fame and was nominated for Streamy Award and Shorty Award in 2014. She also has worked with other well-known actors including James Franco and Seth Rogan and other YouTuber such as Shane Dawson, Yousef Erakat, Ryan Higa, Miranda Sings, Joey Graceffa, Hannah Hart , Marcus Butler, Kingsley, Connor Franta and more.

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She has also been performed in Mauj ki Malharein song, in which she did the rap part and featured in Hipshaker song. Her ‘’#LEH’’ song was released in collaboration with Humble The Poet in 2014. She is one of the highest-paid YouTuber, earning around $8 Million from her online endeavors.

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