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Paul Wall

How Much Paul Wall Makes?

Paul Wall Net Worth: $5 million

Paul Wall is a very popular American Rapper, enjoying a net worth of $5 million. Paul Wall was born Paul Michael Slayton in Houston, Texas, in 1981. He attended the University of Houston to study mass communication before he started pursing his career in music. He and Chamillionaire started a band called ‘The Color Changin’ Click’, and released their first album ‘Get Ya Mind Correct’, which garnered a lot of attention and sold over 200,000 copies globally.

Subsequently, both Wall and Chamillionaire parted ways and Wall started his solo career and released ‘The Poeples Champ’’ in 2005, which reached number one on Billboard charts. During the course or nine years, he released six albums.

The albums he has released include but are not limited to P slab god, Get Money, Stay True, Controversy Sells, Paul Wall Heart of a Champion, Fast Life, Diamond Boyz, Checkseason, The Peoples Champ, and more.

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