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Mac Miller

How Much Mac Miller Makes?

Mac Miller Net Worth: $10 million

Mac Miller is a very talented and famous American rapper, possessing a net worth of $10 million dollars. He was born Malcolm McCormick in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1992. Miller burst onto the scene when he joined lll Spoken, a rap group. But he couldn’t make his appearance in this group anymore and went solo by singing with Rostrum Records.

In 2011, Mac Miller released his debut album titled Blue Slide Park, which garnered him a lot of attention and sold over 400,000 units. You would be amazed to know that it was Rostrum Records who gave him fame, thanks to his attachment with Wiz Khalifa. Both Rostrum and Miller enjoyed a huge response for their album that was released under independent label.

The album Miller has released include but are not limited to – the divine feminine, GO:OD AM, Macadelic, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, Delusional Thomas, But My Mackin Aint Easy, I Love Life, Thank You and more.

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