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Lil B

How Much Lil B Makes?

Lil B Net Worth: $1.5 million

Lil B is a very prolific author and rapper, enjoying a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. He has earned his net worth through his inclusion in The Pack, a hip hop group and by his solo recordings and performances. In 2006, their song ‘Vans’ was ranked as the 5th best by a very famous mag, Rolling Stone.

He wasn’t that much older when teamed up with The Pack. The band released 2 albums Wolfpack Party in 2010 and Based Boys in 2007. The albums he has released include but are not limited to – I’m Gay (I’m Happy), Hoop Life, Rain in England, 05 Fuck Em, Choices and Flowers, Tears 4 God, Bitch Mob: Respect Da Bitch Vol.1, Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape), Sofasound Mixtape, Volume 1, The Silent President and more.

His album ‘I’m Gay’ caused him a lot of trouble and even received death threats. The title of album presented him as a homosexual. He later clarified that he doesn’t advocate homosexuality but peace and love. Have something to say about Lil B? Please feel free to let us know your valuable thoughts in the comment box below.

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