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Juicy J

How Much Juicy J Makes?

Juicy J Net Worth: $25 million

Juicy J is a very popular songwriter, rapper and record producer, securing a net worth of $25 million. Born in North Memphis, TN in 1975, Juicy is wildly recognized as one of the founding members of Three 6, a Southern hip hop group established in 1991. He has also worked with the likes of Columbia Records and Columbia Records.

In 2013, he released his 3rd Studio Album ‘Stay Trippy’, which earned him a lot of attention and fame. You would amazed to know that Project Pat is his older brother. DJ Paul and Juicy J first appeared together in early 90s as DJs. They soon started making their own tracks, inviting others rappers to participate.

The albums Juicy has released so far include but are not limited to – Stay Trippy, Rubba Band Business, Taylor Gang Forever, Blue Dream & Lean 2, Chronicles of the Juice Man, Taylor Gang 2, Hustle Till I Die, Blue Dream & Lean, Rubba Band Business 2, Vabp Young Nigga Movement, Cocaine Mafia, realest nigga in the game and more.

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