As a human being, you don’t have to work only to get paid. There are plenty of voluntary works that you can do for the good of the people, also for the good of yourself. The brighter thing about these works is, you learn many things and skills. The experience you gain by doing that is beyond amazing and satisfying. In Dubai, where people are busy earning and enjoying their lives. Some people are willing to do work for nothing but just their happiness. You can find many people with such a mentality, but not able to find someplace where they can practice it. 

There are plenty of places in Dubai, where you can practice your skills like in Port De La Mer Dubai and Madinat Jumeirah living, you will find many places here to work voluntarily. 

voluntary work in dubai

The good thing about the international community is that you get a chance to meet different people with different mentality and perspective. You can learn a lot by meeting these people, and there are plenty of people from a different background working voluntarily in different organizations, but before you start working anywhere, just be sure about your time management and services, you are interested in.

Here are some places where you can voluntarily work in Dubai

Special or differently-abled children can expose you to a variety of different things. These individuals are created with special abilities that require polishing by someone good in handling such children. There is no doubt that if we pay attention to these children and work hard on them, then they are going to create a brighter and future for the next generation. There are plenty of homes where you can serve, and teach these children in Dubai, or you can work for the fundraising for the betterment of such children. 

The Dubai Autism Center (DAC) needs teachers to assist their cause of doing something better for these children. You can join them to work for some of the worlds but keep in mind that it requires a lot of passion and energy to work here. 


It might come as a surprise to you after listening to the word poor and Dubai together, but unfortunately where this city has built some opulent palaces, villas, buildings, and seven-star hotels. It is sad that many people out there are struggling to earn something so they can have food for the day. Most of them are immigrants, who came to this city to earn something for their family, mostly from the poor countries of the world. 

Many people out there seek for their treatment that is not being covered up by the insurance, and still being the robbed and victim of the crimes. 

Here are some organizations working really hard for these people, so you can join them to serve these people:

SMART LIFE: It works on the mentorship and guidance for these people, and helps them to get out of the poverty line. They arrange some activities to cheer up those depressed people like sports challenges and singing competition

It also offers a program called “adopt a labourer” where an employer, who needs to hire some labourers, contact the organization to hire the labourers, if they have any.

HELPING HANDS: They started a great initiative by providing a care box for the labours where anyone can donate anything of the necessity for the labour like basic clothing, toothbrush, soap, and toothpaste, and these boxes are packed by the volunteers, and distributed among the needy people of Dubai. 

 You can choose to donate money or either work with them in the distribution of those boxes.

THE VALLEY OF LOVE: This is an NGO working very hard to support the people who are in need regardless of their nationalities and religion. They support all the problems including the ones who are hospitalized or in any legal problem in the city. This NGO relies on the donations and funds given to them by the rich people of Dubai. 

There are several other jobs that you can work voluntarily in Dubai, like assistance for women and children, helping out needy friends and neighbours, raising funds, or donating money or clothes. People from all over the city donates for this righteous cause but the people, especially from District One Villas and Downtown city, are seen to be donating more than the other people. You should know that it just requires your passion and energy to create a change.

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