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James May

How Much James May Makes?

James May Net Worth: $15 million

James May is very prolific British TV presenter and journalist, possessing a net worth of $15 million dollars, which is a quite impressive amount for an average British citizen. He was born in England, UK in 1963 and is widely recognized for his participation in Top Gear, a British Television Series, as a presenter.

He has presented many other Television series about technology, science and toys. You might also have seen his column in ‘’The Daily Telegraphy’’, for which he writes for motoring category. May began his career by working as a Sub-Editor for Autocar and The Engineer magazines.

In 2006, James May wrote ‘’May on Motors’’ and co-authored ‘’James’s Bing Wine Adventure’’ and Oz. He has been worked as a presenter in television series ‘’Top Gear’’ for the following years, 1999 and 2003 to 2015. The Television series he has presented include but are not limited to – Top Ground Gear Force, , James May’s 20th Century, Top Gear of the Pops, James May’s Top Toys, James May’s Big Ideas, James May on the Moon, , James May’s Toy Stories and more. Have something to say about James May? Please feel free to let us know your valuable thoughts in the comment box below.

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