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The Weeknd

How Much The Weeknd Makes?

The Weeknd Net Worth: $50 million

The Weeknd is a very famous Canadian record producer and recording artist, possessing a net worth of $50 million dollars. You would be surprised to know that The Weeknd earned $90 million dollars during the course of just one year, mainly from touring, record sales and merchandise.

The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) was born in Scarborough, Canada in 1990. He began working with Jeremy Rose to produce songs. In 2010, he uploaded three songs ‘Loft Music’, ‘The Morning’, and ‘What You Need’ to his YouTube channel ‘The Weeknd’.

In 2013, The Weeknd released his first studio album called ‘Kiss Land’ in 2013, which reached number one on US R&B chart. Other albums he has released include but are not limited to Starboy, Beauty Behind the Madness, Trilogy, House of Balloons, Echoes of Silence, and more.

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