Shawn Mendes Net Worth

Shawn Mendes

How Much Shawn Mendes Makes?

Shawn Mendes Net Worth: $10 million

Shawn Mendes is a very famous Canadian singer, enjoying a net worth of $10 million. Shawn Mendes was born in 1998 in Ontario, Canada. He burst onto the scene when he began posting songs covers on Vine. Shawn subsequently grabbed the attention of Island Records.

In 2015, he released his first album, Handwritten, which earned him a lot of fame and appreciation. His album reached #1 in Canada, US and Norway, making him quite popular among hip hop music enthusiasts. It also climbed to number 10 in Spain, Sweden and Denmark.

In 2014, Shawn subsequently released ‘’The Shawn Mendes EP’’, which grabbed number 5 position in both Canada and US. ‘’Life of the Party’’ is his all-time popular single hit, which climbed to number 6 in New Zealand and number 9 in Canada. In the same year, he won a very prestigious ‘’Teen Choice Award’’. In 2015, he added another award to his accolades’ list. His albums include but are not limited to – Shawn Mendes Live At Madison Square Garden, Don’t Be A Fool, Illuminate, The Shawn Mendes EP and more.

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