Michael Savage Net Worth

Michael Savage

How Much Michael Savage Makes?

Michael Savage Net Worth: $50 million

Michael Savage is a very prolific American author, radio host and political commentator, possessing a net worth of $50 million dollars. He is widely known for his radio show ‘Savage Nation’ and a number of books promoting conservative nationalism.

He was born Michael Alan Weiner in 1942, in The Bronx. You would be surprised to know that at one point his show ‘The Savage Nation’ had around 10 million followers. Savage attended the University of California to earn his Ph.D degree.

The three words he used to define his political philosophy are Borders, Culture, and Language. He advocates English-only movement and doesn’t support illegal immigration to America. He says liberalism and progressivism are not doing any good to our American culture. Savage has written around 29 books, which earned him a lot of attention and famous.

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