Marty Lagina Net Worth

Marty Lagina

How Much Marty Lagina Makes?

Marty Lagina Net Worth: $100 million

Marty Lagina is a very prolific American reality TV personality and engineer, enjoying a net worth of $100 million dollars. Lagina is widely recognized for his appearance on ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ the History Channel realty television series.

The aim of the show is to find buried stuff on Oak Island. Apart from his contributions for the show, he is also a very popular businessman and the owner of a company Heritage Sustainable working on an aim to build over 60 wind turbines in Missaukee, MI. That will make his company the biggest wind energy producer in Michigan and one of the leading producers in mid-west.

The shows he has worked in (as a reality TV personality) include Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, The Curse of Oak Island, Curse of Oak Island: Digging Deeper. Want to say something about Marty Lagina or his net worth? Please feel free to share your valuable feedback with us in the comment section below. We really value your opinion and always love to listen to your feedback.

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