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Jimmy Page

How Much Jimmy Page Makes?

Jimmy Page Net Worth: $170 million

Jimmy Page is a very popular English songwriter, guitarist and record producer, possessing a net worth of $170 million. Born in 1944 in London, Jimmy Page is the founding member of Led Zeppelin, one of the best rock bands. He has collaborated with many famous British singing groups.

In 1966, Jimmy Page joined The Yard Birds, another group which earned him modest success, but no more than Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page has also been referred to as one of the best songwriters and versatile guitarists by Allmusic. Subsequently, the rolling stone magazine ranked Page number 9 on the list of ‘’100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time’’.

Jimmy Page has earned a lot of attention for his participation with Led Zeppelin and The Yard Birds as well. He has a very positive and good reputation in the music industry, thanks to his continuous music endeavors. Want to share something super interesting about Jimmy Page or his net worth? Please feel free and don’t hesitate to share your views in the comment section below. We really appreciate your feedback.

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