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Gosho Aoyama

How Much Gosho Aoyama Makes?

Gosho Aoyama Net Worth: $50 million

Gosho Aoyama is a very famous Japanese manga artist, possessing a net worth of $50 million. He was born in 1963, in Hokuel, Tottori, Japan. He is widely recognized for making the manga series ‘Detective Conan’, which is also known as ‘Case Closed’ in the US.

You would be surprised to know that his manga series have sold over 200 million units across the world. In 1994, Gosho Aoyama created the ‘Detective Conan’ series. From his childhood, he used to take a huge interest in drawing and attended Nihon University College of Art to pursue his career in painting.

Subsequently, he started his professional career with ‘Chotto Mattete’ that was featured in Shonen Sunday magazine in 1987. When it comes to accolades, Gosho Aoyama has received several prestigious awards including ‘Shogakukan Manga Award’ in 1992.

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