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Daniel Tosh

How Much Daniel Tosh Makes?

Daniel Tosh Net Worth: $16 million

Daniel Tosh is a very prolific American TV host and standup comedian, enjoying a net worth of $16 million. Tosh is widely recognized as the host of Tosh.0, an internet video clip show aired on Comedy Central.

After attending college with a marketing degree, he began touring comedy clubs as a standup comedian. He burst onto the scene with his appearance on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’’ in 2011. So he kept appearing in different shows including ‘’ The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’’, ‘’Premium Blend’’ and ‘’ Jimmy Kimmel Live!’’.

His super hit show Tosh.0 premiered in 2009, which garnered him a lot of attention and fame and became one of the highest-rated and best comedy shows on the network. Have something to say about Daniel Tosh net worth? Please feel free to share your valuable feedback with us, using the comment box below.

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  • He kept a countdown clock on his website that gave the number of days, minutes, and seconds until his h birthday which is when “Daniel’s Groundhog Day Ends,” a reference to the Bill Murray film. Tosh has described a comic’s routine life on the road as “Groundhog Day”. estimated Tosh’s net worth at $11 million, tied for ninth place in its list of all top-earning comedians whose income is primarily from stage ticket sales.