An In-Depth Look at Andrew Gordon MA Approach to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

Andrew Gordon MA is a real estate investor and coach based in Belmont, Massachusetts who teaches others how to replicate his success in acquiring investment properties. In this review, I will take an objective look at Gordon’s background, his “Secret to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio” program, and assess whether his approach is viable for others seeking to achieve real estate wealth.

Andrew Gordon MA

Andrew Gordon’s Background

Andrew Gordon MA got his start in real estate over 15 years ago while living in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Frustrated by his corporate job, he decided to learn about real estate investing on his own. Through trial and error, Gordon was able to purchase his first investment property using little money out of pocket. Since then, he has acquired over 100 properties worth tens of millions of dollars across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Gordon holds a Master’s degree in business administration from Bentley University, which gave him a solid foundation in finance. However, he considers himself largely self-taught when it comes to real estate investing strategies. Now, Gordon shares what he has learned through private coaching, public seminars, and online programs.

Program Overview 

Gordon’s “Secret to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio” program focuses on buying rental properties using little to no money out of your own pocket. He teaches tools like owner financing, lease options, and creative deal structuring. The goal is to purchase properties for 50-60% of their market value, then rent them out for cash flow.

Gordon also shares his processes for finding off-market and motivated seller deals. He searches public records and runs direct mail campaigns to identify those willing to sell for below-market prices. Gordon says with the right systems, an investor can purchase 5-10 properties per year using this approach.

Program Strengths 

One strength of Gordon’s program is that it is based on his own proven track record of acquiring over 100 investment properties. Participants can feel confident they are learning from someone who has achieved real estate success.

Gordon also does a good job breaking down complex real estate concepts into easy-to-understand steps. His trainings provide clear frameworks anyone can follow. Additionally, Gordon is accessible to his clients for ongoing support, both online and in-person at his Massachusetts events.

Program Weaknesses

On the downside, Gordon’s strategies may be difficult for beginners to implement successfully without hands-on guidance. Negotiating creative deals requires real estate experience and interpersonal skills. There is also no guarantee motivated sellers or owner financing will always be available in every market.

Additionally, the program does not delve deeply into other important aspects of being a landlord like property management, taxes, and repairs. Those interested may need supplemental training on operating rental properties long-term.

Real Estate Portfolio


In summary, Andrew Gordon MA has developed a viable model for acquiring investment properties with little money down. His program provides a solid foundation for those seeking to replicate his multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. However, those new to investing may struggle without additional coaching. While the strategies work well in Massachusetts markets, results will vary based on local economic conditions. For experienced investors or those willing to supplement their learning, Gordon’s approach offers a promising roadmap to real estate wealth.