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Seth Green

How Much Seth Green Makes?

Seth Green Net Worth: $25 million

Seth Green is a very famous American director, actor and producer, enjoying a net worth of $25 million dollars. He is widely recognized for playing Scott, which earned him a lot of attention and fame. Seth has also appeared in different movies including Can’t Hardly Wait, The Italian Job, Rat Race, Without a Paddle and It.

Apart from appearing as an actor, seth has also worked as comedian, writer and voice over actor. He has also co-produced Robot Chicken, a stop-motion comedy series. He burst onto the scene as actor in ‘’A Billion For Bores’’ in 1984. And when he was just 8, he worked with Rob Lowe and Jodie Foster in a movie ‘’The Hotel New Hampshire’’. He subsequently kept appearing in different films.

His first role as a voice over actor is Chris Griffin, who was an unintelligent and overweight son. He has made several music and comedy video cameos, which garnered him a lot of attention and fame. Want to say something about Seth Green? Please feel free to leave your valuable comments in the comment section below. We love hearing back form you.

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