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Ryan Higa

How Much Ryan Higa Makes?

Ryan Higa Net Worth: $2 million

Ryan Higa is a very talented and famous actor, YouTube personality, producer and comedian, enjoying a net worth of $2 million dollars. He is also known by his another showbiz name Nigahiga. Born in Hilo in 1990, Higa received his high school education from Waiaea High School while he was busy in wrestling. He is also the former student of University of Nevada, LA where he attended film making classes.

For you information, Higa has also been learning Judo and holds Black Belt title. It is his YouTube channel from where he got fame and appreciation. His friends Tarynn Nago, Tim Enos and Fujiyoshi helped him a lot in creating his YouTube channel. But most of his videos were made by himself prior to moving to LA to attend UNLV. Fujiyoshi and Higa in their early days at Waiakea High School started creating videos for their YouTube channel in 2006. His YouTube channel has over 12 million Subscribers giving his videos a total of 1.8 billion views.

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